Which Part of Your Vehicle You Need to Replace Often

expired parts of your car

The winter weather is increasingly present, especially in those regions of Spain where until a few days ago we still enjoyed the sun and good temperatures. The cold and even the first frosts of winter have already reached those parts of the country where adverse weather prevails during a good part of the intermediate seasons and practically every winter month. That is why, in addition to taking into account the time and sudden changes that may occur between different times of the day, it is important to carry out preventive maintenance of the vehicle and replace those elements that have reached the end of their useful life.

In addition to checking the components that usually must check in the vehicle with the arrival of autumn, it is also convenient to know which elements suffer greater wear and check their condition, thus avoiding possible failures derived from the lack of attention and maintenance. In this way, we can identify which parts of our car have reached their expiration date and replace them if necessary.

Check the air conditioning system of your car, at least every two years.

expired parts of your car

Air-conditioning system:

Lack of power, bad odors, or difficulties to eliminate the fog of the moons (front or rear) of the vehicle, are symptoms that can predict an improper operation of the air conditioning system. It recommended to carry out commissioning at least every two years, in which the condition of the gas charge of the air conditioner checked and that there are no leaks in the circuit, as well as annually replace the filter of the cabin


Depending on the user gives to the vehicle, as well as the driver’s memory, the battery usually has an approximate life of 4 or 5 years. Therefore, periodically it is advisable to check the battery status because, in this way, we can know when its end could be close. At that time, it is also convenient to know how to change the battery in this way, and we can save the labor in the mechanical workshop by carrying out this action ourselves.

If your car dashboard indicator lights, check the system.

expired parts of your car


Generally, airbags, unless they used during an accident, are one of the parts that can withstand the entire life of the vehicle without any problem. However, in case the warning indicator on the dashboard lights up to warn us about any incident related to this active vehicle safety system, we will have to go to the workshop to review what may be failing and if it affects the operation of airbags in case of collision.

Check from time to time if the brushes are in an optimal state of use.

Wiper washer:

Above all, when rains are frequent during a weather station, it is important to check the condition of the wiper blades more frequently. If necessary, we can change them ourselves (click on the link to see our video YouTube tutorial on how to change the wiper blades ). To prevent a storm from surprising us on the road and our brushes are not up to par, making it difficult instead of improving visibility. Certain symptoms can help us identify brushes in poor conditions such as noises despite the moon and the wet rubber, poor cleaning, glass fogging on the outside, or irregularities in the rubber, among others.

The catalyst is part of the vehicle’s exhaust system.


As long as the vehicle is in normal use, the life of the catalyst can be between 120,000 and 400,000 kilometers. Once this last mileage has reached, its status should assess and replaced if necessary, since poor operation could cause pollutant gas emissions to exceed the limits allowed and approved for that model, causing us to obtain a negative result in the next ITV.

Although it is not mandatory, it is advisable to carry replacement bulbs in the glove compartment.

Lighting system:

It is important to regularly check the lighting system of our vehicle as the lights are one of the elements that accumulate the most failures during the life of a car. Besides, in many cases, we can be ourselves who are responsible for replacing the lamps that have blown, so, although it is no longer mandatory if we advise carrying replacement bulbs in the glove compartment.

The seat belt is the system that saves the most lives a year on the road. Check your status periodically.

expired parts of your car


The safety belts, although they are usually in good condition throughout the life of a car, should be checked because, due to use, there are elements of these that can deteriorate. In this way, we can identify possible tears or a malfunction of the anchors. Also, if a severe accident suffered, it is advisable to change them in the least doubt of loss of effectiveness.

It is advisable to check the tires regularly to identify possible damage.


The tires inevitably suffer wear due to factors such as the weather conditions, the weight supported, the different terrain on which it circulates, the way of driving, and even the state of the vehicle’s suspension system. It is a very important safety element, as it is the only way of contact between our vehicle and the road, so, conveniently, they are always in an optimal state and capable of responding to the maneuvers we perform.

Also, once five years have passed since its manufacturing date, it is convenient for a specialist to check them to determine their condition, and if they reach ten years of this date, it always advised replace them with new ones.

As you will see, several parts may have an expiration date on our vehicle. Knowing them and checking them frequently, we can avoid that the inadequate state of them supposes an inconvenience for our security or when passing the ITV in our car.

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