The Audi TT RS radicalizes its image and power with ABT

Audi TT RS

The new Audi TT RS has fallen into the hands of the people of ABT to get a little more juice to its 2.5-liter engine and offer a more radical aesthetic

Audi began the year by giving a facelift to its small coupe, the TT, a restyle not too deep, but that served to give it an even sportier touch, based on the latest changes that the brand has applied to the rest of its models. These changes extended to the most radical variant, the TT RS, a base that ABT has now taken to radicalize it a little more in several sections.

As a specialist in making preparations for the VAG Group models, it is not the first time that ABT has used the TT RS. A couple of years ago, he used the Roadster variant of the TT RS as a “guinea pig” to take it to the limit as they had never done before. And that is that after the commissioning carried out, they managed to get from their 2.5-liter engine 100 extra hp with which to increase their power to nothing more and nothing less than the 500 hp, also reaching a torque maximum of 570 Nm.

Audi TT RS

But this time, ABT has not decided to throw the house through the window and replicate or try to overcome its previous milestone, although we will find mechanical changes in its preparation on the new Audi TT RS. It should remember that, in the new Audi TT RS, we continue to find the same 2.5 TFSI with 400 HP of power and a torque of 450 Nm linked to an automatic transmission S Tronic. Now with some updates of the switchboard happens to deliver 455 CV of power and a torque of 528 Nm.

In line with the increase made in the Audi TT RS, ABT makes available to buyers an exhaust line made of stainless steel from its vintage created for the occasion. It eliminates the two oval exhaust outlets that supplied factory, than having two double exits located at the ends with the terminals in round shape and black finish.

Audi TT RS

Finally, the aggressiveness of your heart will transmit to the outside with an aesthetic kit that gives you an even more radical appearance but without overstressing. To do this, ABT has created a bumper with some more marked lines at its ends, which includes vertical fins in the air inlets and other horizontal fins on the outside in carbon fiber material. That has also been used to create the aggressive front splitter, the mirror housings, the side heels, the h3 led bulb low beam and the elaborate rear diffuser. The icing put on the wheels that can be chosen in matt black or gloss black, in addition to 19 or 20 inches in size.

Also, and to offer greater peace of mind to all buyers, all parts installed by ABT in the Audi TT RS will be guaranteed for four years or 160,000 km.

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