How to Save Fuel for Driving

save fuel

Although indeed, each time the car models are more efficient, and, in general, manufacturers tend to produce vehicles with lower consumption and more environmentally friendly, combustion cars have many expenses. The highest is by far the gasoline since it is constant throughout the entire life of the vehicle.

We all know some tricks to save gas, especially if we travel by city, which is when the vehicles consume the most. From the OCU, they have made a decalogue to promote efficient and safe driving while saving fuel.

save fuel

1. Use the fuel with the indicated octane rating. If our vehicle uses gasoline 98, it is not advisable to refuel gasoline 95, as consumption will increase and also the power will reduce considerably.

2. Search for cheap gas stations. From the OCU, they advise consulting, before leaving, the prices of the service stations that we will find along the way to refuel in the cheapest. Several apps can help us find these gas stations. In this way, we will not be able to save exactly gasoline, but money.

3. Minimize the weight and close the windows. Having installed elements such as bike racks or racks can cause an increase in fuel consumption of up to 20%. In the same way, traveling with the windows down causes greater air friction and, consequently, greater consumption. It is more efficient to turn them on and turn on the air conditioning.

save fuel

4. Tire pressure correct. It is very important that the tires are in perfect condition and that they maintain the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Tires with lower pressure increase consumption up to 1% for every 0.1 bar of pressure lower than indicated.

5. Miracle products do not work. Elements such as magnets in the motor or additives have no positive effect on fuel consumption.

6. Turn off the engine. Whenever possible, it recommended to turn off the engine, especially if it is a long stop. A vehicle started and stopped in neutral consumes 0.5 to 1 liter of gasoline every hour.

7. I am driving without abruptness. It is not advisable to revolutionize the engine or give accelerations and sudden braking. Fuel is saved by driving slowly and using long gears. Also, driving slow makes our trip safer.

save fuel

8. Do not exceed speed limits. Beyond the fines that can lead us to cross the speed limits, driving at high speeds will greatly increase fuel consumption. Therefore, to save gas, it is advisable to obey traffic signs.

9. Efficient cars. If your car still consumes a lot and you have decided to change it for a new one, from the OCU, they advise opting for a hybrid or electric model, which also has tax benefits and other advantages inside the cities.

10. Car with the necessary power. It is important that, when choosing a new car if we want to save gas, we think about the needs we have and buy a vehicle that meets them, but does not exceed them, because, for example, larger and larger cars Power consume more fuel.

Did you know these tricks? Do you usually apply them when traveling by car? What do you do to save gas?

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