How to Prevent Your Car From the Summer Damage

car in summer

Summer arrives and with it the trips to the beach. We were bathing in the sea, walking on the sand. These are wishes that finally fulfilled for many during the summer months. Although the beach is synonymous with disconnection and enjoyment, this does not move to the car, which suffers, especially when it is near the sand and the sea. In  Norauto, we offer a series of recommendations that can implement to prevent the car from being affected by the summer.

car in summer


1. THE SAND: is one of the great enemies. It recommended using spare mats. In this way, once the summer is over, you have to change them for the previous ones. This result does not mean that the car has to vacuum to prevent the sand from staying inside deeply.

2. It is also advised to put COVERS on the seats. In this way, damage to the upholstery avoided.

3. Cars fill up with sand when they parked near the beach. Of course, this sand affects the paint of the car, the glass, and even the headlights. It recommended to avoid  PARKING  so close and, in any case, try to park the vehicle back to the coast. In this way, the impact of the sea breeze reduced.

4. Are you driving to the beach? Emphasize the previous CLEANING of the occupants before riding. Check that all are completely dry so as not to damage the seats. The cleaner the feet are, the less sand there will be inside later.

car in summer

5. If the car is going to remain parked for a long time, it recommended that it be in a closed place such as a garage or a parking lot. On the street, it is advisable to park it in a place with SHADOW  and removed it from the beach area. Another option is to cover it with a protective canvas.

6. Use a PARASOL to prevent the sun from deteriorating the interior, such as the steering wheel or the gear lever.

7. Saltpeter is a mineral found in salt and favors the corrosion of materials. It affects both the exterior and the interior, being able to deteriorate the metallic elements and the engine. For this reason, we recommend a thorough cleaning of the entire car. However, it is advisable to do it regularly so that it does not accumulate and produce the least possible damage.

car in summer

We recommend using pressurized air and a powerful vacuum cleaner for the interior of the vehicle, as well as air and pressurized water to clean the body. It is important to REMOVE ALL THE SAND  before pouring water on the car. It should not rub until all the sand has removed, as the paint would be damaged. You also have to clean the bass and wheels. It is advisable to brake several times to check that they work properly after washing.

If you follow these recommendations, your car will thank you, and going back to the routine after summer will be easier for both of you!

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