How to Have a Safe Road Trip in Summer Vocation

summer road trip

There are already many summers in which, from RO-DES, we are encouraged to develop user guides that will be useful for our traveling readers. Fight against heat, congestion, and traffic jams that occur in certain roads, combat fatigue, as well as the multitude of unconventional or dangerous situations that may occur while we are behind the wheel of our vehicle, can mean a headache if not We are well prepared.

Throughout this DEFINITIVE GUIDE, we will review, point by point, all the advice that the DGT has published in the Special Summer of its digital magazine. In addition to all the recommendations that we have already shared with you on our blog. If we review all suggestions and warnings before starting our trip, we can anticipate unforeseen events, enjoying a quieter and safer ride.

summer road trip

Traffic jams and congestion on the road

As we have mentioned before, summer is the time of the year in which more vehicles concentrated on the road. Our private car or vehicle is the means of transport Preferred to get to our vacation spot. The main thing, before launching on the road is to plan as far as possible the trip and, above all, check the state of the roads before leaving as well, we will have more possibilities to avoid traffic jams and retentions.

We immersed in a traffic jam; the main thing is to be calm and keep the safety distance at all times to avoid the reach in case of having to brake abruptly. Patience and respect for other drivers will prevent a situation like this from raising our stress level.

Beware of the sun and glare!

Excessive brightness during the central hours of the day can cause visual fatigue and decrease the comfort level at the wheel. Special care must also take with the glare that occurs during sunrise or sunset. It is advisable always to have sunglasses on hand and make regular stops to rest both the body and the mind.

React calmly to unforeseen events

A flat tire? Is your son indisposed? Is the vehicle not working properly or has a fault occurred while driving? The most important thing in any unforeseen situation is to react calmly, avoiding losing your nerves and immobilizing the vehicle, whenever possible, out of the way. If leaving the road on which we circulate is impossible, it is best to stop on the right shoulder and avoid invading the road. Once we have stopped the vehicle, we must properly signal the stop without forgetting to use the reflective vest to get out of the vehicle and to place the triangles, at least 50 meters from the vehicle (both in front and behind).

summer road trip

Have you witnessed an accident?

Unfortunately, how many more trips produced by road, the more likely we will be to witness an accident or, in the worst case, to be involved in one of them. If we witness an accident and the victims have not yet helped, we will have to stop our vehicle in a safe place, put on the reflective vest, keep calm and apply the PAS protocol (Protect, Warn and Help). We will signal the area with the emergency lights and triangles, notify emergency services and provide, as far as possible, first aid to the injured (whenever we know how to do it).

Check the vehicle before the trip

On numerous occasions, we get behind the wheel of our vehicle without paying attention to certain elements or systems that, with minimal knowledge, we could have reviewed ourselves.

Children, always with their corresponding Child Retention System (SRI)

Summer vacations are the most desired ones who decide to travel as a family. Therefore, it is very important to take into account certain safety guidelines on the installation and proper use of child restraint systems (SRI) in the vehicle.

summer road trip

Does your pet travel with you?

For many of us, our pet form is another member of the family, and, therefore, they are indispensable when we decide to move somewhere to enjoy our summer vacations. The car or private transport is usually the most used form for this type of travel, due to the great limitations that public or collective transport has concerning the fact of traveling with animals.

That is why, when embarking on a trip with our pet as a companion, it is important to follow certain safety guidelines. That will prevent us from being fined, but it will favor the safety of both the animal, the driver, or the rest of the vehicle occupants.

And the luggage?

Before starting the trip, it is advisable to check some points of our vehicle and follow some guidelines when placing luggage. Many drivers do not pay attention to this point and strive to play “Tetris” every time. They have to carry the luggage of the whole family.

How to adopt a proper posture at the wheel

Did you know that in 95% of accidents where the driver suffers the so-called “whiplash,” the injury is caused by not having the head restraint regulated? A really simple action to take and that 70% of drivers ignore.

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