Guide to Preparing Your Car for the Long Trip

road trip

At this point, you will surely have a destination for those long-awaited vacations! If you are going to travel by car, this article interests you!

It more than recommended that your car goes through the workshop before traveling to ensure that everything works properly, as well as to avoid possible unforeseen events on the road that can ruin your vacation.

road trip

Because we do not want anything to bother you on such a desired vacation, from Norauto, we recommend you go to your nearest workshop and ask for My Official Review.

Why is it advisable to perform an official review?

Very simple: you can count on him for a round trip, making sure many kilometers, carrying luggage. Just like you, your car should also prepare!

With My Official Review, our professionals will review a long list of control points in your vehicle, to ensure its efficiency, comfort, and safety as much as possible.

road trip

A complete overhaul and quick setup for your vehicle! With My Official Review, among other things, our professionals will review:

Tires: Review of their condition and pressure. Also, visual control of geometry.

Oil change. Two free oil level changes between changes.

Suspension dampers: Visual Review of their condition.

Transmission bellows Review of the condition of the bellows.

Liquids: Power steering fluid level, windshield wiper, and antifreeze.

Brakes: Condition of the liquid, pads, and discs.

Lights: Review of the position, dipped, long-range, turn signal, fog lights, brake lights, reverse lights, pilot status

road trip

Battery: Review of the state of the battery and the charging circuit

Registration: Status of license plates and lights.

Filters: Filters according to Mileage: Oil, Air, Fuel. And Cabin.

You will save up to 50% compared to the official dealer/service.

Spark plugs for gasoline vehicles.

Summer vacations fly by, so better make sure that nothing can spoil your days off. Come to your nearest Norauto center and prepare your vehicle for a trip!

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