Does Overheating Reduce Car Battery Life

car battery

With the arrival of heat and good weather, surely many of you have already planned to make a getaway to enjoy a few days of disconnection.

Are you going to travel by car? We recommend that you review the main elements of your vehicle. One of the most important is the battery.

car battery

How heat affects your car battery

Car batteries are very sensitive elements to sudden temperature changes, especially when it is very hot. Temperatures that exceed 20º cause faster aging of the battery: heat causes the acid inside the battery to dry more easily and, if the battery is near the end of its useful life, it is much more likely to break.

Heat can also affect batteries that are in good condition, especially when we use the car occasionally or infrequently. Ideally, check the condition of the battery and the charging system so that your battery does not suffer unexpected failures in summer.

According to Mapfre data, about 80% of breakdowns that occur during the summer caused by the car’s battery. You must check the condition of your battery with the arrival of heat!

car battery

Detect possible symptoms of battery failures

Some symptoms may indicate a failure in your car battery, either because it discharged, or because it is already necessary to change it.

Boot time

One of the symptoms could be that the starting time prolonged too much. The car battery is responsible for “sending” the energy that puts your vehicle into operation and starts it, so if you notice that it takes longer than normal to start, it may be a sign that you have little time left lifetime. Do not risk that the next one does not work at all and go to check it out!

car battery

Light intensity

The car battery is also responsible for supplying the vehicle with electricity, so when it starts to lose energy, it reflected in the functionality of the car.

If you notice that the light intensity decreases (both of the headlights and the control panel) or other equipment such as electric windows or heating work slowly, your battery may be running out of energy.

Sometimes, it is not easy to detect this type of symptoms, so we recommend that, at the slightest suspicion, take your car to be checked by our professionals.

Don’t let anything spoil your vacation! Check your car before leaving, and enjoy the trip.

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