Should we Install Xenon Bulbs in halogen headlight?

Let’s talk a little bit about that most people would have a halogen headlight that uses a reflector housing. There’re our legality issues around retrofitting bi xenon bulbs into halogen housings. For one specific reason, most halogen housings use a reflective headlight housing which meaning you’d be bulb inside there uses the back part of the headlight with reflectors to project the light of the vehicle. Now what happens is if you put a xenon kit into this and retrofit a xenon kit into a  headlight, it’s actually not controlling the beam and so it’s throwing the light everywhere on the  road which is those people you see who blind you on the other way around, because they’ve retrofit xenon lights into halogen housings. It doesn’t have beam control which is what you would find with a hid projector housing that has an actual a projector lens that you would actually see the beam pattern. On the contrary, the lighting from projector onto a surface will have a beam pattern across that’s almost a complete horizontal line that controls a beam. So obviously, you’re not blinding people on the opposite side of the road. Halogen housings don’t have that and which case obviously when you have that situation that is illegal to put Xenon kits into  halogen housings which is the reason why most cars you would need to swap headlights or some places make retrofit kits that you actually have to retro the part the light to put a projector  housing inside of the factory light.


What we are going to say today, for most people, this is going to be the most effective and logical way to go. It is to go with a complete headlight replacement that is aftermarket fairly cost-effective and the way to go. So how would we do that, most headlights like this do not come with a Xenon kit available for them from the factory. You would have to buy a retrofit kit. So, the aftermarket headlight should take an h7 bulb just like the factory headlight takes an h7 halogen bulb. What you would buy would be an h7 retrofit kit which would include a ballast and igniter, canbus setup and a Euro xenon bulb that’s intended to go into the h7 housing.


When retrofitting headlights, one of the challenges is fitment. Obviously, there are a bunch of parts, they’re not going to fit inside the new headlight housing. Before swap and install new headlight housing, the xenon kit should be mounted externally so what you have to do is modify the aftermarket headlight assembly which has a rubber cover on the back of it. By putting a hole in it, you will have the ability to run those wires through. Besides, I am sure that you’re not going to a lot of moisture into the headlight because It could create moisture issues in the future. So, we can’t drill a big hole saw there, which just enough to run your wires through the grommet and give you the seal you need to make this happen.


Once you’ve done all that retrofit on the headlight, all you need do is make sure you adjust your lights. When you swap your vehicle in your new headlight housings, you should know where your beam pattern needs to be, so you can readjust them properly hopefully.

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