How to Swap the Audi S5 Grill to Black S-Line Grill

This is a new Balck Audi S5 under 30 miles. What we gon na do is exchange the grill and also replace it with Black S-Line grill.

My Retrofitting Devices:

– Gloss Black S-Line grill with Gloss Black Filler plate;
– Debadged back S5 logo and also debadged V8 logo designs on the side;

( 1 ), Get the cars and truck boosted so you can get the wheels off;

( 2 ), Remove the 4 Torx 25 screws on the leading panel under the hood;

( 3 ), After the screws out, there are 3 little steel push downs that you do simply that, push down and the panel will stand out off;

( What it appears like without the panel).

( 4) Take the lugs off;.

( Wheel’s off)

( 5 ), Remove the internal wheel liner to get to the bumper screws;

( Note: you require to get rid of the lower Torx screws then stand out off a few clips.).

Really we do not need to totally eliminate the wheel lining, simply enough to pull it back some as well as get to the bolts. Here you can see 2 of the screws (10mm) listed below the headlight holding the bumper on:

( 6 ), Then there are some bolts below that require to be gotten rid of;

( 7 ), There are 2 even more Torx screws on the top (one on each side) that hold the bumper/grill in when it slides in, those additionally require to come out;

( 8 ), Currently its time to obtain the bumper off. You have to remove the airtemp sensor and separate the foglights before the bumper is free;

( 9) You are successful to abuse a brand-new vehicle,

Take a look at the back of the brand-new grill. We begin to take apart the grill from the bumper;

( 10 ), Getting the wheels back on, passenger side all buttoned up;

( 11 ), Rear totally debadged;

As well as now some ended up shots of the days work. It took only a pair hours worth of work. I am extremely delighted with the outcomes, I assume the gloss black appearances so much better than the grey plastic does on a Brilliant Black automobile.

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