How to Replace your Audi A5 Dome Light Bulbs with LEDs?

Let me just show you how it looks.  We have LEDs installed over here. We have much better light distribution. With the standard bulbs we had just two hot spots which doesn’t look pretty. And also LEDs are slightly brighter.

Accessing those bulbs is pretty easy. All you need to use is a prying tool or a flat screwdriver.  But I prefer to use prying tools because those are made of plastic and it’s harder to damage your car with those. Just place the prying tool over here and the light should pop out.

OK, and with the white plastic cover out you can access your bulbs.

Over here we have a pair of T10 led bulbs. After replacing them, just put this the plastic cover, press it and it will click back in place.

And for the reading light you’ll need a torx screwdriver. You need to open the glasses holder.

Over here, you have a single screw that you need to remove, and once you remove it, you can drop the dome light from the windscreen side and then just remove the whole unit and access those two bulbs from the top.

Just remove the holder with the bulb, replace it with LED, put the holder back in place, put the dome light back in place, and remember about that torx screw.

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