How to Remove the Audi A5 Headlight Housing?

How to Remove the Audi A5 Headlight Housing

Many people send me Emails asking to make instruction about how to remove the Audi A5 headlight housing for swapping headlight bulbs or retrofitting OEM bi-xenon projector. I do it by myself and notice it has a little complicated. Please follow me step by step and remember my words: always be careful and be patient.


(1), take the bulb housing out of the vehicle;

(2), remove the Torx bolts that secure the panel to the vehicle. There are four bolts that need to be removed.

Here’s a closer look at the bolts you need to remove.

(3), lift the panel to remove it.

(4), remove the remaining bolts. There are three bolts that secure the housing to the vehicle.

The one bolt that’s down here, this one we just have to loosen. You do not have to take that bolt all the way out.

(5) Slide the housing straight out a little bit, like this,

And what that’s going to do is give us access right here – you want a flat head screwdriver and it’s going to give us access to the connector.

Push the tab and pull the connector to remove it

Take the bulb housing out of the vehicle.

This is how we can remove the headlight housing off the vehicle.


(Note: we’re sliding it straight out. Just be careful it doesn’t get caught and if you take this end out first, the middle side it should kind of slide out a little bit easier for you just like that.)


We come to put the housing back in, it is good to kind of slip the outside edge in first. It is kind of makes it go in a little bit easier.

We want to just kind of get it in there and then we want to reach in the back here, reconnect the housing before inserting it completely.

Now we want to make we want to push the housing in making sure that it goes underneath that bolt that we didn’t take out .

So we have two bolts, one that goes here and one that goes here.

So we want to put that finer threaded bolt into that section there. If the bolts are not going in, chances are you’re putting them in the wrong spot. Don’t force it because you will strip the bolt out, replace the remaining bolt and make sure the bulb housing is secure to align the panel with the body before securing it to the vehicle. it’s important to make sure it’s set properly, otherwise, it won’t attach correctly.


There are four more bolts that still need to be replaced, we recommend changing your bulbs in pairs. If one bulb is burnt out, its counterpart bulb is likely near the end of its life as well. Bulbs get dimmer by 20% over time which is another great reason to change both bulbs at once

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