How to Remove and Install the Audi S5 Rear Spring?

I required to replace the rear springs of my brand-new KW V1s since even at maximum height, the flight was also low and nowhere near their released elevation adjustment variety. For more info on this, check out this.

Anyway, last evening I attempted looking for an excellent DIY on how to remove the rear springtime and ended up finding all kind of different means to do this. Some involved dropping the subframe, others called for springtime compressors, while others suggested simply eliminating the lower shock bolt. In the long run (and also with some input from NYSpeedRacer – thanks, sir, for aiding me out so late right into the evening), I located a quick approach that incorporated what I believe is the very best of all the Dos it yourself I located. Right here is a detailed treatment. I wish it helps someone.

( 1 ), Boost the auto;

( 2 ), Remove wheel;

( 3 ), Utilizing a breaker bar, unscrew the lower shock screw;

( 4 ), Turn the springtime rock guard towards the rear of the vehicle to clear area for the following action;

( 5 ), Utilize a solitary spring compressor on the side of the spring dealing with the front the car where you simply rotated the rock guard away from. You don’t require to tighten up down the springtime compressor. Just hand tighten it to stop to spring from increasing throughout the following step;

( 6 ), Insert a crowbar in between the upright and also the reduced control arm;

( 7 ), Step on the crowbar to lower the suspension;

( 8 ), While stepping on the crowbar, loosen up the spring perch all the way to its topmost setting. The spring compressor made use of symphonious 5 will certainly maintain the spring from placing pressure against the springtime perch so you must be able to conveniently rotate it by hand. This ought to produce sufficient space for you to get rid of the springtime;

( 9 ), Take the gotten rid of springtime to an open area as well as gradually as well as thoroughly loosen up the springtime compressor;

( 10 ), Make use of the spring compressor on the brand-new springtime and also tighten it down as much as you believe is necessary. This step might require some experimentation. In my case, the new spring was 1″ taller than the initial springtime so I pressed it by that amount;

( 11 ), Action on the crow bar once again and mount the new spring starting from the top place. I discovered that by seating the leading install first it was simpler to get all-time low install rubber bushing in position. The rubber is soft enough to compress making it much easier to place. Prior to you release the crow bar sees to it both the leading and also lower mounts are seated properly;

( 12 ), Here comes the tough part. Readjust the springtime perch to whatever height you want. I have not found a very easy way to do this step. There is not a great deal of area in the back so you will certainly need to do numerous quarter turnings of the spring perch. This step took without a doubt one of the most time;

( 13 ), Utilize a second jack to rise the suspension to make sure that you can situate the reduced shock screw. Keep in mind to expand the jack enough to put some weight on the suspension before tightening up. Tighten to torque spec (111 Ft/lb);

( 14 ), Placed wheels on and congratulation, you are done, please start the engine as well as see if whatever is correct.


This procedure took me concerning 30 minutes per side not consisting of the flight height change which took about 10 mins and a couple of bloody knuckles!

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