How to Paint the Wheel Caliper and Shields of Audi A5?

For anyone who wants to make Caliper Painting to your Audi A5/S5, I believe this is the best guide of all the DIYs I found. Here is a step by step procedure. I hope it helps someone.

(1 ), Jack points as well as jack stand locations

I had done a search on this topic before I started this work and also there specify places for jacking the auto up but no actual consensus as to where the stands should be positioned. For the front wheels, the jack point lies behind the front wheel well in the direction of the back. For the rear wheels, the jack factor lies in front of the back wheel well in the direction of the front of the vehicle.

Currently, before beginning to jack up the automobile at an edge, I would extremely suggest using wheel chocks at the contrary end of the cars and truck to stop it from moving. I wedged them tight under the back wheels when servicing the front end, and also at the end when I obtained the vehicle back on the ground I found the chocks completely wedged in and stuck under the wheels – which proves that it had stopped the auto from sliding additionally.

Looking under the cars and truck, you will certainly see that there is a horizontal metal ‘bar’ running from front to rear – this is the pinch weld. This bar has a plastic cover over it as well as the areas that are bare are basically the jack points. You will see a triangular arrow embossed into the chassis (corresponding to the bare pinch weld locations) which shows the jack factors. This indicator can be seen at the component of the framework simply listed below where the metallic paint ends. Or under the side spoilers for those with S line.

If you are planning to do function with the wheels off then you need to have the cars and truck on stands, it’s very easy to discover this jack factors but. Ideally, you should prevent contact with the plastic protected areas of the pinch weld. For the front, the size of bare steel available for jacking and also stand is tight. I had to put the jack right beside the plastic cover, then put the stand best next to the jack and also still under the bare steel area.

(Keep in mind the sign arrowhead on the pinch and also the chassis bonded where the stand and also jack are under).

For the back, there is no other way you will be able to obtain the jack and also stand all at once on the bare metal location. I jacked the automobile at the assigned jack factor but had to put the stand on the plastic covered location right in front of the back wheel well.

I placed the jack under the plastic location however further away from the wheel well, and also finished up cracking the plastic cover as I was lowering the automobile onto the stand. If you position it immediately after the wheel well as shown, no problems.

While some have actually shared questions on the stamina of the pinch weld, I can tell you that I did not deal with any type of problems whatsoever with jacking the car right on the weld, metal-on-metal. I additionally did not locate any kind of bending/warping/denting of the steel weld at where I jacked the automobile and placed my stands. I did pad the stands with some cardboard though.

I used a 2-tonne hydraulic jack and also a pair of 3000kg rated jack stands. I bought a 1.4 t jack at very first but transformed it because its max height reach was simply concerning the exact same as the lowest height of my stands. Simply make certain the height of the stands falls somewhere in the middle of the elevation range of the jack.

Once again, if you are not utilizing a correct jack and also jack stands, forget it.


(2), Removing the wheels

This is actually for the advantage of the newbies to DIY like myself. For this job, I made use of 5 products from the vehicle’s device package under the boot area: hook on ring tool, L form wrench, safety bolt adaptor, plastic wheel pole as well as plastic screw chauffeur deal with.

My wheels have bolt covers/caps over each screw head, and also it is a genuine pain to obtain them eliminated. I utilized the hook device to get rid of the caps from the bolt heads by delicately pulling each corner of the cap. Beware not to destroy the plastic covers! This device is really indicated for removing the center cap off particular kinds of manufacturing facility wheels.

Simply beware of stripping the heads of the screws by making certain that the wrench’s outlet is entirely fitted over the screw head. Tape the rim of the wrench’s socket as well as of the adaptor to stop scraping the wheel bolt openings.

When all loosened (do not eliminate yet), continue to jack the wheel off the ground. Completely eliminate the leading most bolt with the plastic screwdriver manage as well as change with the plastic rod.

Loosen all 5 screws of one wheel just before jacking the car up. Depending on the wrench and also using body weight to reverse the bolts benefited me. Just beware of removing the heads of the screws by ensuring that the wrench’s socket is totally fitted over the screw head. This is specifically crucial for the flower-shaped security bolt head and also adaptor. Tape the rim of the wrench’s socket and of the adaptor to prevent damaging the wheel bolt holes.

Once all loosened (do not get rid of yet), continue to jack the wheel off the ground. Totally eliminate the leading most screw with the plastic screwdriver handle and also change with the plastic pole.


(3), Preparing the calipers for painting

Prep work of the surface areas to be repainted is vital to making sure the quality of the paint task as well as its longevity. This step is likewise where I invested the majority of my time. For this job, I made use of a few things:

  • Brake cleaner/degreaser – $10 from the vehicle store. The one I got was additionally safe for rubber and also plastic which is essential as it will enter into call with the rubber bushings of the braking system.
  • Wire brushes – tiny and also huge
  • Steel woolen
  • Scotch-Brite environment-friendly scourer pad
  • Cleaning up detergent/car clean liquid
  • Metal sandpaper

I initially sprayed the degreaser throughout the EXTERIOR caliper surfaces that were to be repainted, preventing the inner parts for apparent reasons. After waiting a couple of mins I utilized the wire brushes as well as rubbed the hell out of it. Next off, I made use of the steel woolen soaked in the water down cleaning agent and scrubbed the caliper even more. I used the thinner Scotch-Brite pads to enter the limited holes. I washed the caliper with an additional pail of ordinary water only and also using another Scotch Brite pad.

Once even more and also just prior to drying it with paper towels I fined sand the caliper to roughen up the surface a little, I repeated the above procedure. Could be meaningless because the surface area is already harsh. I after that dealt with the other caliper while permitting it to dry.

Clean the calipers. After I obtained them cleaned up, I degreased and also scrubbed the brake shields for paint as mine were already looking rustic as well as ugly. I likewise sanded the surface to roughen it up. The wheel hub and top side of the brake disc were cleaned up extensively as well.

The brake pad maintaining clip on the front calipers can be eliminated, however, for some reason I discovered it difficult to remove so I just merely taped it up. There are 2 huge bolts on the front calipers which I decided not to paint as well, however, it’s up to you.


4. Paints for the caliper

From what I have looked into there are absolutely a couple of alternatives available, in either spray or brush. From several accounts, the very best paint to utilize is the G2 epoxy package available right here: G2 Brake Caliper Paint Equipments: G2 Brake Caliper Paint System Establish. This is a high-temp, epoxy, purpose-built package and creates a great outcome which lasts. Various other alternatives include high-temp caliper spray paint in rattle cans from manufacturers like VHT as well as 3M, and also there is likewise Hammerite brush-on paint which lots of have utilized for caliper-painting with good outcomes.

In my situation, I ended up utilizing Hammerite Satin black for the calipers as well as Hammerite smooth silver for the guards, both of which I purchased from a local hardware store. I would certainly have obtained the G2 set other than that I found it rather outrageous to pay USD$ 48 for shipping from the UNITED STATES to Australia, for a kit setting you back $43. This solution is ‘Direct to Rust’ significance you can paint straight onto corroded surfaces without a guide.

The G2 paint only lasts 6 hrs once both elements are blended in the container, so you only have 6 hrs to get the paint done which’s it. Beyond which the leftover paint hardens to end up being something like a hockey puck. This likewise indicates that for any kind of future retouch work you will require to buy the entire package again.

This paint is simple to use straight out of the can as well as can be used easily without thinking. I applied a thin layer to cover the whole location (consisting of the shields) with a slim 12mm brush and a 3-4mm paintbrush for the difficult situations. I left it to dry for 4 hours based on guidelines before the second coat. This paint dries out within 45mins and the satin black leaves a wonderful semi-gloss appearance which is what I wanted. The drawback of using shiny paint is that it reveals the rough cast iron surface area obviously which I wanted to minimize. The same timing obtained the shields.

I went for black as I wanted to maintain it refined and not be also in-your-face. It likewise blends well with my black vehicle as well as doesn’t stress the rough cast iron appearance. Dust must also not show up too conveniently on this color.

I likewise believe splashing offers much less control over where the paint ends up. Not certain concerning top quality as well as the long life of spray paint vs brush paint.

Stickers or otherwise? I may hand down stickers and leave the caliper refined. May placed on some S-line stickers at one of the most however I would certainly avoid things like Brembo stickers or large Audi rings. Just my viewpoint. I understand of individuals who think that any kind of stickers on painted supply calipers is just rice, as well as they do have a point.


Before Painting:

After Painting:

After repainting the calipers and whatever else you elegant, placed the wheels back on and get the automobile back onto the ground. Do not bother with the dreadful marks all over the brake disc surface area from cleaning up the caliper – they will disappear after light braking.

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