How to install headlight removal and demon eyes in B8.5 S5

Today’s we’re going to install demon eyes into b 8.5 s5.

The first step remove the shroud, there are four pins hold the shroud, in place in order to remove this pin all you have to do is grab some sort of cylindrical object and just press down. And it will unlock the pin for you to pull out with a pry tool.

Next, remove the headlight. in addition to the fours crews you have to loosen this screw, the headlight can just move forward and away from the car.

Once you take out the bulb, you have to remove the four Torx screws at each of the corners, and then the projector should pop out far enough for you to just pull it back, and slide the LED strip into it.

Once you have the projector after taking off the four screws, slip it in the LED strip. Insert the LED stripy, just need to squeeze it in and sort of compress the strip so the diameters a little bit smaller and it fits through. The LED strip is actually in that gap right now, what I’m going to do is place it around the edge of the projector housing. I’m going to hit it with a little bit of glue so it doesn’t move out of place.

Next step would be to remove the top shroud that covers the positive terminal. Remove this shroud by removing two screws you can just turn by hand.

Exposes the positive terminal over here, what we’re gonna do is to tap into the power by taking off one of the nuts, and putting on the terminal on the positive.

This is the relay module whatever you want to call it that you get with your demon eyes. The two white ends are plugs that go into demon eyes. I’ve soldered an extension to the positive lead.

This can go to the positive terminal behind the false firewall going to take the negative point. And put it on the body of the car. So that way I don’t have to extend it all the way out basically in order to heat up the wire. Then touch the LED to it, keep it touching right, so it makes a good connection right. Now the entire wires gonna heat up and you see that all melting that’s the cleanest way to do, it’s real simple.

The install is complete, everything is tucked away. I tucked all the wires underneath this shroud wraps around, relays like right next to the radiator under neath the intake, wraps around goes underneath the fender, and then goes underneath the shroud to the positive terminal.

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