How to DIY Install dynamic turn signal light on Mirror Cap

Today we’re changing this rs5 turn signal with dynamic ones.

For the first step, remove the mayor. The most difficult part of this install is removing this mirror cap without breaking any sort of tabs.

Once you take off the side mirror cap, there are two Torx screws that you have to remove. so there’s one right here and there’s another one right there.

Once you remove the two Torx screws, take a flathead screwdriver and pry off the harness for the turn signal. So lift up the back of the module and pull out the turn signal. It should come out like that.

Quality of this turn signal seems to be nice. We compared it to the OEM one and it looks like it’s the same dimensions and it has the same features.

Go ahead and take this slide in this corner first, and then press in the module. These two points should line up.

Once you’re done, make sure that this turn signal is flush with the mirror cap.

Besides, once you’re done, reinstalling all the screws; reinsert all the wires back into the mirror and place the glass onto its mount.

Finish replacing the dynamic turn signals. It looks pretty good.

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