How to change Audi S5 headlight bulb

An easy and simple way of changing the OEM HID Xenon D3S Gas Discharge Bulb on Audi S5. Tool required T30 torx screwdriver.

You need a tweeter a Torx bit which is this unscrew these nuts, screw this getting that done

First and when you remove that you gotta bevery and lift it up

You’ve got three three screws, screw them out, so the headlights just try to come up

Just drop the washer, now the whole headlights out. Take the ball belt remove the spring back that’s the d3s bulb what we’re going to be replacing see unclip it

Got this the black retaining clip, pushed it to left and take the bulb out

Hit a new one out slop the bulb back in, you push the new led headlight bulb H7 in, the bulb is intact, do the same clip the back in

Clip this package

Swap the headlight in, go plug it back in

Put everything back together, put all the screws in, now you’ve got the screws, you got one different screw which and deep down well this is like a bolt type and that’s the screw here so this was only gone here to rest after these bits for the cover and everything else.

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