How Much You Should Expect To Pay For Audi Repairs & Maintenance


Audi has cemented its position in the top three luxury German automakers with its recent years of success, and the growing popularity of models such as the A1, A3 and TT testify to Audi’s unique appeal. This information can be found in the first few pages of your service book. The replacement interval varies from vehicle to vehicle.

Typically, a car manufacturer’s prepaid maintenance plan covers only the regularly scheduled maintenance listed in the owner’s manual and excludes coverage for anything that wears out, such as brake pads and rotors or windshield wipers. Some dealership maintenance plans may offer unlimited oil changes, which are useful, but may not include other maintenance items that need replacing.


In addition to the principal portion of the payment, there are also finance charges, the interest rate to borrow money. These are much higher for a lease because you’re paying back the cost of a leased car more slowly, $500 a month compared to $1,000 with a loan. That leaves a greater unpaid balance that’s subject to that finance charge month after month.

My suggestion with any warranty or service agreement is to always consider your options. All of these warranties and plans have a decent amount of fine print which you don’t really need to read to see if it is right for you. Just look at what the coverage provides and do some research as to what the covered services would actually cost you if you were being charged a fair rate. The only reason these plans seem to make financial sense is that they are based on over-inflated service costs, to begin with.


My hope is that as you read this, you are still holding on to the fancy brochure for ‘Audi Care’ or ‘Audi Care Plus’ and haven’t pulled the trigger to purchase it just yet. An extended auto warranty is an excellent way to protect your Audi if you plan to keep it for many years. There are two reputable options to getting your Audi repair costs covered under an extended warranty. You can choose to purchase an extended warranty from your dealership when you buy your Audi new, or you can choose to buy from a third-party warranty company like CARCHEX at any time.

On car headlight maintain, it is can be done by us whatever a yellow headlamp restoration, or changing the dim headlight bulb. A replacement 9006 led bulb conversion kit can be found on, they sell at wholesale price and offer 2 years warranty. This could save you some money on repairing and maintenance.


CARCHEX, on the other hand, provides a wide range of service contracts for Audis with almost any mileage. You’re not pressured to invest in a protection plan when your vehicle is brand new. CARCHEX allows you to wait until your manufacturer’s warranty expires and offers multiple contracts for vehicles with higher mileage. You’ll also be able to use one of the 30,000 certified repair shops most convenient for you instead of having to go to an Audi dealer.

If you decide on a long-term loan, hold on to the vehicle until it’s paid off. If low monthly payments and the opportunity to drive a new vehicle every few years with little hassle are worth the extra cost, consider leasing. Be sure, however, that you can live with all the limitations on mileage, wear and tear, vehicle modifications, and the like. Finally, keep in mind that you should be able to afford the lease for the entire period since the early termin­ation penalties can be costly.

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