A Guide to Replace Thermostat on Audi S5

The price to replace a thermostat the dealership is expensive. But if we can replace it by ourselves, that will earn the money back and that is my purpose to write this article for you guys. If you are willing to give it a shot and try it out, it is not that difficult as you imaged before.

Really, we can get the thermostat at the supplier or area an online order, do it on your own, save the labor cost. I reside in Canada so it would most likely cost additional for shipping as well as task. For those staying in the states, I recommend ordering it from a variety of online parts websites. Around $80 for the component. I wound up paying $200 at the supplier. The thermostat is an assembly part. It comes together with the housing and also you replace both at the very same time.

Below I will show you my process.

The accessories necessary:

  • Thermostat assembly
  • 4L Audi Antifreeze
  • screw type hose clamps
  • 4L Distilled Water


Step one:

I did not completely drain my system of coolant, just what appeared of the drainpipe plug. I required the full 4L of antifreeze and also one more 4L of water upon filling up. So if you wish to do a full flush, naturally you will certainly require even more coolant/antifreeze.

Get rid of the skid plate underneath the car based on an oil adjustment. Locate the thermostat housing setting up beside the oil pan on the chauffeur’s side of the cars and truck.

The above photo reveals the coolant drainpipe plug which is located on the thermostat assembly itself. It is a plastic screw which can simply be unscrewed with a Phillips screwdriver.


Step 2: Eliminate lower rad tube and sensor cable

The cord adapter is straightforward to eliminate, simply a regular electric port. The tube secures though are not fun. They need a collection of pliers and a massive discomfort I found to get off. Once eliminated, move it aside to offer you more area as shown listed below,


Step 3: Eliminating the 5 bolts holding the assembly in position

These bolts are an invert Torx bolt which is all fairly simple to reach except one. The most affordable one is right above the oil pan as well as it is essentially impossible to get any kind of socket bit on it. What I had the ability to do though was that these are easily the same dimension as a 1/4″ socket so I used a small 1/4″ wrench to get it undone. These screws are tightened to 9Nm, so I was not stressed over removing the tops. I loosened the rest of the bolts with 2 expansions on a 1/4″ socket wrench.


Tip 4: Remove the coolant container tube

Since the thermostat is cost-free to relocate I located I had to move it around and revolve it a fair bit to obtain a great hold on the clamp holding it. When this is removed the old thermostat is out.

If you are curious, when I pulled the thermostat it really did not look stuck open till I looked inside the assembly as well as there was plainly space as revealed below.



Step 5: Installing brand-new thermostat setting up

Ensure the surface area of the coolant pump housing is clean to guarantee an appropriate seal,

Simply re-install the screws the same way with 9Nm torque on each. I was unable to use my torque wrench clearly on the one which needed the wrench. Rather, I compared the amount of force called for to unscrew a currently torqued bolt with the very same wrench as well as relate it down bolt active required to tighten it.


Action 6: Reinstall tubes as well as electric adapter

I suggest replacing the OEM secures with screw type clams to make future repair work easier. Like what I am revealing listed below:


Step 7: Re-fill Antifreeze/Water combination

Like I stated earlier, I required the full 4L of antifreeze plus one more 4 L of water to refill my system. I only drained the coolant from the real drainpipe plug as well as not the whole system, thus you will certainly require more coolant if you do a whole flush.


Step 8: Run, and also look for leaks

Overall this task isn’t regrettable. There are some tight spots as well as a hydraulic lift is certainly a good point to have to make your life simpler. The worst component for me was the hose secures, but in future, that won’t be a concern with the ones I replaced them with. The job was approx 2 hours throughout.

I wish this writeup will aid those thinking about doing this substitute as well as if you have any kind of concerns please comment my message to let me understand.



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